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Global Data Server
Personal View Builder
Personal View Builder

With the help of the Personal View Builder (PVB), you can create personalized views from data stored on the GDS ADI. The “views” can be accessed from the viewer on your mobile phone or desktop PC – and they take less than a minute to build!

Users can create any background, and can add other elements to the view as well – such as a ticker or an image file.

Any element (even the background image) is bound to a data cell, and displays the content of the data cell. An update rate can be assigned to every element in seconds.

Views could also be generated and tailored by program, and connected by hierarchy to display more detailed content.

Img. 1
Img. 2

The View Builder’s symbol bar provides buttons to create the following elements in a view:
  • Live text with label, combines static text with a GDS value
  • Live text, selects an actual GDS value
  • Ticker, allows GDS values to be combined
  • Static text, basic text that you have written
  • Select an image and place it somewhere in your view
  • Album, lets you browse all images from a directory
Any link to a GDS value (or data cell) displayed on a web-site (or data cell) can be dragged&dropped to the Personal View Builder. The result can be stored as a view and displayed either on the desktop or mobile phone. Here are some links you can drag&drop to the Personal View Builder. Many views for various purposes can be created.